Do you want to send me something?

If you are wanting to send me anything so I can review it on my channel or if you want to just send me a nice gift then please do!!!  I love surprises and ANYTHING Simpsons. I have done tons of reviews for many companies, most you can see videos on my youtube channel about them. 
I've also had a bunch of people wanting to send me Simpsons stuff for various other occasions such as my Birthday, Christmas, get well cards, support, and other occurrences.  Here is my PO box and depending on what I receive I will place it on my story feed, main feed, and/or YouTube channel. 

Dave / The Simpsons Man
P.O. Box 18064
PCB, FL. 32408

I'll accept pretty much whatever as long as its legal and not weird. If you have sent me something, please shoot me a DM when you do on my IG so I know its coming. 

Please be respectful when sending items and thank you for everything you all have sent me so far!! <3