About Me

Hi Diddly Ho Neighborinos!!!!

Since much of the man behind the "account" remains a mystery, I wanted to introduce myself and provide some fun facts.

When I was just the Simpson's Boy, I was born UK and did not move to to the United States until around 5 years old. A bit of a secret, I was not the Simpson's Boy until a little later in life; my parents did not approve of The Simpsons and I was deprived of watching what ultimately became my favorite show/obsession!!!

Let's time travel a bit:

  • I¬†grew up a beach kid, big into¬†skimboarding, surfing and skateboarding.
  • I have lived the majority of my life in Florida, with a brief stop in Georgia and Texas.
  • I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease in 2008, and I have¬†had¬†three very serious health scares as a result of it. F*CK CHRONS! Seriously!¬†
  • I have one¬†sibling¬†and stay very involved with my family.¬†


So here we are today...
I have settled down and started a family!
I have my very own Marge, Bart and Lisa.... no Maggie as of now even though my "Lisa" is still a baby.

I have collected Simpsons toys, clothes, and literally anything else available for over 10 years now. The famous "Simpsons Room", where I display my collection is overflowing with memorabilia, and I am still out searching and buying for more items to fill it with!

I began "The Simpson's Man" Instagram account back in 2015 to post pictures of my items for people to enjoy. I have grown my account to over 100k followers and have expanded in ways I would have never imagined possible (even landing in Kerrang Magazine).
The Simpson's Man is getting love from nearly all social platforms now and I am currently growing my YouTube page so I can transition from pictures to live videos, reviews, Q&A's, and product release info.

I want to thank all of my followers and fellow fans for the unending support, and hope that I continue to run a page for the fans, by the fans!
Everyone please remember, I am just a normal guy posting about a show we all love! So never feel intimidated or scared to hit me up and chat about The Simpsons.

Thank you again for all the support and I love you all!